Ayurvedic Preparations


Description: FEMICORD Cordial Syrup is Special Ayurvedic Female Tonic. It helps in curing female uterine related problems that might prove disturbing to one both physical as well as mentally. Femicord Cordial Syrup provides antiseptic, haemostatic restorative and astringent action. An effective uterine tonic, eradicates vaginal and uterine noxious discharges.

FEMICORD tonic has anti-inflammatory, sedative, tranquilizing, antisposmadic and immunomodulatory properties and is used for the treatment of menstrual problems.
Composition: Female Uterine Tonic.
Packing: 200ml


Description: TOXIGARD syrup is used in the treatment of jaundice, sluggish liver, enlargement of liver and loss of appetite.
Composition: Punernava 200mg+Bhul Amla 100mg+Bhringraj 100mg+Kasni 50mg+Gudduchi 50mg+Kalmegh 50mg + Kutki 50mg + Makoy 30mg + Kasaundi 50mg + Nisoth 100mg + Trifla 100mg + HouBer 100mg + Saunf 30mg + Daru Harida 30mg
Packing: 200ml


Description: AROZYME is a herbal digestive tonic for optimizing digestive functions. It stimulates appetite, enhances the secretion of digestive enzymes and improves digestion and absorption of food. The formula induces a relaxing effect on the smooth muscles in the digestive tract and relieves any uncomfortable abdominal muscle spasms. It also promotes expulsion of gas from the intestines and relieves bloating of the stomach.


Key Indications:

  1. Indigestion
  2. Loss of appetite
  3. Flatulence


Composition: Bhringraj 150mg + Ajowain 150mg + Saunf 150 mg + Saunthi 150mg + Pudhina 150mg + Kalimirch 20mg + Jeera 30mg + Nagarmotha 150mg + Soya 150mg + Chitrak 75mg + Lavang 20mg + Satva Pudhina 10mg (Each 10ml)
Packing: 200 ml SYRUP


Description: Rubinac Oil is natural oil, which is formulated by making use of optimum grade herbs and ingredients. The special action of this oil provides reprieve to the muscle pain, muscle tear, knee pain and joint pain speedily and efficiently. These pain relieving oils are suitable to be applied by the people of all age groups. With its warm therapeutic application, the oil additionally offers fast relief to the back pain and bone illness..
Composition: Highly Effective Pain Relieving Liniment Oil (Ayurvedic Preparation)
Packing: 30 ML